Step 1

In-Home Consultation

Contact us by phone or email to let us know what you need for your home or property.

Discuss project ideas, get general estimates and learn about our cutting edge customer project management technology.

Step 2

Design Creation

Concept drawings of designs are created followed by the customer’s selection.

Schedule a site visit for us to review the project scope, discuss your design, material preferences, and take measurements.

Review the TG Services project protocol and client survey checklist.

Step 3

Retainer and Contract

Refinement of plan, site visits, and selection assistance on finishes.

Contract agreed upon and signed. Schedule a meeting to review our proposal including drawings, specifications, schedule, cost, payment terms, and warranties.

Initiate project by signing service agreement and making initial payment.

Step 4

Construction, Completion, and Warrantee

Complete the project, on time and on budget.

Call or email us now to get the process started.